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Lief Hall : Voices (self released, 2014)

WhenI reviewedtheMyths CD earlier on Cadena Roselina, I started it writing about how hard it isfor musicto invokethe feeling oftrue horrorthatmovies or books can accomplish so well. Now, at this very moment, I'm trying toreviewthesolo album by LiefHall,one of themembers ofMyths (now with a brand new solo career and based in Berlin) without using thesame topic all over again, but it's pretty much impossible. Thisis probably the most haunting musicI've heard inmy life.
On that article I statedthat the familiar sound of musical instrumentsis what usually prevents music from creating the "fear of the unknown" thatis neededto generate real sonic terror. In thesenine songs though, LiefHallusesonly her own voice, recorded mostly throughsamples(and very few timbre-altering effects), and manages to transform something as familiar and mundane as the human voice, into a true soundtrack from beyond the grave.
Perhaps the song that illustrates this more accurately is "Morn…